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The Legend of Snarbles!

A Snarble, scientifically known as Helixichroma snarblata, is a land snail species that has a peculiar symbiotic relationship with fairies. Fairies like to keep Snarbles in their gardens as pets and for the joy they bring to garden living.

The power of fairy dust brings a Snarble to life in vibrant colors. Like magic, Snarbles are able to transform into ANYTHING, but only for 10 seconds. They are masters of disguise and you never notice them. After 10 seconds they resume their natural state and color. This instant camouflage capability is their best defense against detection. Blink and you will miss them!

Snarbles get their energy from sunlight like plants do. They breathe in oxygen directly through their skin and get nutrients from the soil. Snarbles are social creatures that enjoy humor; jokes and pranks are highly valued. They use laughter and smiles as forms of currency.

However, there is one thing that Snarbles take very seriously, a clean environment. Pollution is a threat to all forms of life on Earth; animals, plants, snarbles, fairies and humans!

On rare occasion, a Snarble migration can be spotted. Old World fairytale literature references an annual Snarble pilgrimage to a place called Alpenglow Village. Legend says that fairies and Snarbles meet there for a family reunion and for a celebration of life and colors. The date and location remain a mystery!