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How are Snarbles made?

The snail body is made of resin. The colors and glitters are added to the resin, then each snail is hand-poured and allowed to harden. The marbles are made of glass.

How big are Snarbles?

Most of the Snarbles are approximately 1 inch long and stand 3/4 inch high. Most of the marbles are 5/8" (16mm), with a couple of exceptions. Each Snarble description specifies the marble size.

Are the marbles affixed or detached from the snail body?

Most of the marbles come detached from the snail body so customers can mix and match, play with the marbles, or position the marble as liked. However, the Christmas Snarbles come with the ornament ball attached so they can be hung for decoration. The metal hook is included for the Christmas Snarbles.

What should I do if my Snarble arrives broken or there is a problem with my order?

Just email us at We will send you a replacement if you have a problem or we can offer a refund. Customer satisfaction is our goal.